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The Guide to Communication and Intimacy in Happy Healthy Relationships

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Here is a quick recap of what you will discover in my game-changing new book
  • ​We need many diverse relationships in our lives to provide us with a sense of connection. All of our relationships matter, especially the one we have with ourselves.
  • Establish clear and healthy boundaries. They are important and need to be respected.
  • Learn to be truly heard by using effective communication. Sometimes talking isn't communicating effectively, let’s explore the difference.
  • ​Discover the secret of love languages and how they can be the key to every relationship.
  • ​Establish how to create the deeper connections that you are craving.
  • ​Learn to see the cues when someone is showing their appreciation for you even if you speak in different love languages.
  • ​Are you happy with yourself? Are you trying to fill a hole with another person rather than being content with yourself?
  • ​Check in with yourself and make sure that your expectations on yourself, and others are realistic.
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